First Day

Hello guys, Welcome back. First all the best to all the guys who are preparing for MCA or have just started or will in future.

As I told you I am gonna share everything with you guys for one whole year. Tips, strategy, shortcuts, everything.

So it’s 26th May 2016, I have not started going to coaching classes. But I am doing some preparation for the upcoming year. You and I both know it’s going to be hard year. It’s not an easy exam. So just hold your seat for just one year. Stop wasting your time in watching idiot box or chatting or going out with friend or whatever. Just try to save your valuable time for something worth your time.

Okay, so what I am doing is trying to focus, stay healthy and enhance my memory as much as possible. I have started running for a while in the morning just to keep myself full of energy and healthy throughout the day. Then I meditate for at least 10 minutes to focus myself. Also a healthy breakfast is most important. Include proteins, fibres and low carb foods in your diet. Learn about your body and shape it in one month left. Have a proper sleep each day. I prefer 11-5 because it is going well for now and sometimes 30 minutes nap in the afternoon just to refresh myself. Start reading newspaper, learning something new, memorizing new words or anything so that your brain don’t need to start from zero when your coaching starts. I mean if you start studying when you start your coaching, your brain definitely gonna take some time to get to that level of learning, so just keep your brain warm.

This year is going to be the hardest year but the fruit you will bear after the year will definitely be so sweet for not only you but your family also.

Next time I am going to tell you about my strategies, tips , how to prepare time table , choosing among different tasks. And next blog most likely to publish one night before I join my coaching where I will tell you everything related to it. My mindset, level of confidence, my status on each subjects everything you need to know about before you start your difficult year.

For now, I want you friends to do everything I said above and also try to prepare time table for upcoming year and keep on changing if it doesn’t seem perfect according to you.

Best of luck guys. See you next time.

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